Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Need great managers and active clubs

Need great managers and active clubs

Cricket board is encouraging active club participation in our tournaments and cricket development. Huge financial remuneration was introduced this year compared to what we used to get. Our partners, the government and enthusiastic businesses are helping us to improve the financial status of the Board and provide more services to our clients, ie. clubs and players. But are the cubs responding? This was not the case of the last limited over tournament. At the start of the tournament CCBM listed the following criteria for clubs to receive financial assistance.

1. Must send practice schedule before 30th June 2007.
2. Daily attendance signed by coach, manager or captain……
3. 3 sessions per week – starting July 2007 – December 2007. (During the month of ramazan 02 practice session is enough to claim money)
4. Minimum no. of players per session (7) seven.
5. For every month a sum of MRF. 3000.00 will be paid if all papers are submitted before 10th of each month.
6. Money can be transferred to club account. (please open an account in the name of club)
Cricket Equipment
7. A valid purchase of cricket equipments upto MRF. 15,000.00 for each team is provided by the board till December 2007.
8. All supporting documents should be provided (ie. invoice, purchase order, receipts)
Can also send a purchase order from any sports shop (only cricket equipments) CCBM will make arrangements to issue the goods from the shop.
9. All teams must have their own cricket ball. (Tournament will be played using Cavalier 80 cricket ball)

How many teams followed this practice regime. Not many. Now they are asking CCBM to release funds allocated and they had a quick fix, which is to bring foreign players. Did our players practice, did they give the equipment to the players. Let team’s show the evidence.

Can I give this money to the clubs? Is this a healthy thing for Maldives cricket? Tell me. I hold on the original decision. The clubs can still get the allocated assistance if they fulfill the requirements. The National Tournament is ahead. Start practice and we will increase your allowance and give the players the necessary equipment and we will pay pack. Don’t ask for things you have to done. Its all for you, so submit the schedule, practice and prepare for the national tournament.


Ahmed Hassan Didi
Vice chairman

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