Saturday, May 10, 2008

Didi talks about elections and change for Maldives Cricket

1. Cricket Control Board of Maldives is the first out of all other Maldives sports associations to announce elections for its Executive Committee this year. Do you think you will be able to keep to the deadline?

We will definitely be able to meet the deadline, Inshaa Allah. Now that the registration of the members finishes at the end of this month, we will finalize clubs with voting rights and then hold the AGM to pass the constitution. Once that is done will give the opportunity for people to stand for the elections. So will be able to hold the election on 28 June.

2. What is your personal belief about the elections? Will it improve sports administration in the country?

This is a trail. Everyone has being asking for this. So we need dedicated people who can come and work. Yes for sure sports administration will improve if committed and responsible people take up the positions of the board and the committees. Once they start working and thinking about the improvement of the sport, we will definitely see a difference in its administration.

3. There are some radical proposals in the new draft constitution of CCBM. What is the main rationale behind the new constitution?

Allow more people and minds to come and work for the good of this great game. Hence the Executive Committee will be composed of elected officials who would have big dreams for the future of the cricket in the Maldives. Also the representation is wide with associate members representing the schools, full members representing the clubs and individual and distinguished honorary members who can contribute to the wide development of the game.

4. The new constitution proposes to change the CCBM name. What’s the thinking behind this?

Yes, it is difficult to change the constitution every time. We have changed the name to Cricket Board of Maldives to keep pace with the modern management practices. The word control is more about administration and maintaining the status quo. Modern cricket is being revolutionised in the world, so we decided that it is the opportune time to change the name to reflect a more vibrant development of the game. We will be using Maldives Cricket formally in promoting our activities.

5. One other interesting articles in the constitution relates to private members. Why do you want to give membership to private individuals?

Although cricket is a team game we need individuals to come forward and contribute to the game. Hence it is an opportunity for dedicated individuals to come and serve the game. We are formally recognizing them in our constitution. Even though they do not have the voting rights, one private member will be voted into the Executive Committee. So they will have a representation in the Executive Committee.

6. The constitution also makes provision for school clubs to become CCBM members. What will there role be in the Board?

Schools are our major feeders to the national teams and club cricket. Their role is important. Hence we give schools the associate membership for this reason. We believe that they need to be represented in the Executive Committee because they are the major contributor of youth to the game

7. What is CCBM doing to attract members to the Board?

We are sending invitations individually to the clubs and schools. Also an open forum will be organized to give more information about the draft constitution and what we are doing. For private people we are sending personal invitations to become individual or honorary members. Hence we have a quite number of ex cricketers as members. We will be sending them personalized invitations too. We will be meeting all the principals of the schools and also potential clubs to become members.

8. What is the future of cricket in Maldives after these big changes?

Definitely more exposure and better planning. More dedicated heads will help improve the game. So I think this will strengthen the funding and marketing opportunities as well. Definitely we will get more recognition from the ACC and the ICC as we are now improving our governance function by opening our board to elected officials who would be more dedicated to improve the game with better planning and putting things to action. Over the past two decades we have seen some significant developments in the development of our game. These changes will, I hope, consolidate these gains and bring more dynamism to the administration of the game.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Maldives Cricket holds annual marketing dinner

The Cricket Control Board of Maldives (CCBM) held its annual Cricket Marketing Dinner at the Nasandhura Hotel to publicize its 2008 events and various sponsorship packages offered to business on 30 October 2007. Amongst the guests were Special Advisor to the President, Hon. Umar Zahir, Bangladesh High Commissioner to the Maldives, Mr. Mijarul Quayes, and ACC Development Officer, Mr. Rumesh Ratnayake. Over 80 invited guests attended the dinner, they included managing directors and marketing officials of prominent companies, players and club officials attended the dinner. The event was broadcast live in DhiFM 95.2, one of Maldives leading private radio stations.

Speaking at the function, Mr. Rumesh Ratnayke praised CCBM’s marketing strategies and said that other ACC countries can learn lessons from CCBM marketing and promotional events. CCBM sponsor package, “Team – up with Maldives Cricket” was launched at the function. CCBM Vice Chairman, Ahmed Hassan Didi, presented the package and noted with appreciation that sponsorship for 9 out of 11 tournaments earmarked for 2008 has already been finalized. He said that the target of CCBM was to finalise sponsorship as early as possible and that this year has been an exceptional year in that regard.

CCBM achieved another first for a sports association in the country with the signing of an MoU with DhiFM 95.2, as Maldive Cricket’s Official Radio Partner for 2008. Under the agreement DhiFM 95.2 will provide radio coverage for CCBM tournaments and events, including live broadcasts of some matches. One of the main challenges faced by CCBM in its development efforts is popularizing the game throughout the Maldives. This partnership is a key tool in overcoming this as DhiFM 95.2 has a wide coverage which can be used to promote cricket through out the country. Mohamed Saleem, Director of DhiFM 95.2 noted that it was a privilege to sign an MoU with one of the most mature sports body in the country and that they will help to take cricket to a new height in a mutually beneficial partnership.

At the function, Vice Chairman, Mr. Hassan Didi presented special mementoes to Dhiraagu and Maldive Gas for their long term association with Maldives Cricket. Speaking after the presentation, Dhiraagu and Maldives Gas representatives noted that CCBM has delivered according to their expectation and that they will continue to be associated with Maldives Cricket.

The function concluded with the presentation of the junior team for the ACC Under 15 tournament and a video presentation appreciating the contribution of sponsors in 2007. The evenings main attraction was a sumptuous buffet which included a number of items named after famous cricketers.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ramadan Cricket Carnival concludes

The 2007 Ramadan Cricket Carnival came to a successful end today with the final match of Maldive Gas Open Tape ball Tournament. Thirty-three teams took part in this year’s carnival. CCBM thanks the three main sponsors of the carnival, Dhiraagu, Maldive Gas and Kitchen Smiles and associate sponsors Sign O Frame, Dine More, Tandoor, Salsa CafĂ©’ and Inner Maldives Sri Lankan Holidays. CCBM also appreciates the hard work of the umpires, especially, Sanjeeva and Kumar. Our thanks also to Imad and his team of scorers and all those who assisted in making this year another success for Ramadan cricket.

Open Tournament

Sonee Hardware won the Maldive Gas Open tape ball tournament by beating Style & Profile by 4 wickets in the last final of the 2007 Ramazan Carnival today. Style & Profile won the toss and batted first. They made 72 for the loss of 6 wickets in their 8 overs. They scored only 22 runs with the bat the rest were all extras. Hassan Waheed took 3 wickets for Sonee Hardware.

In reply, Sonee Hardware made the deficit with a ball to spare. At one stage it looked as if Style & Profile had bagged the title with Sonee Hardware needed 28 from 16 balls. However, victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat by Ahmed Hussain, who made 23 runs, which included 2 sixes in the 4th and 5th balls of the final overs.

Muawaith Abdul Ghani and Hassan Waheed were joint top wicket takers of the tournament. Afzal Faiz Samad won the top scorer award.

Inter-office Tournament

It was all very predictable in the office tournaments as Maldives Customs team beat Immigration department by 48 runs to win the cup for the third consecutive year. Customs won the toss and batted first in the final match. They made 125 runs for the loss of 1 wicket. Mahmood Riyaz made 31 not out and Mohamed Amir 21. In reply Immigration made o 77 for 3 wickets in their innings. Mohamed Zaki made 21 runs. Customs team bowled well giving away just 11 extras to contain Immigration.

Immigration team's Mohamed Amir beat Mahmood Riyaz to the best batsman award by just 1 run. His team mate Mohamed Zaki won the award for most wickets.

Inter-company Tournament

Airport Company won the Kitchen Smiles Inter-company cup , beating Bank of Maldives by 18 runs. Airport won the toss and batted first in the final. They made 108 for 6 in their 8 overs. Tournament's best player Abdulla Shahid top scored with 32 no. Adly Ahmed took 2 wickets for BML. In reply BML managed 90 runs for the loss of 4 wickets in their 8 overs. Adly Ahmed made 21 runs.

Abdulla Shahid was the tournaments highest runs scorer and wicket taker, with 139 runs and 7 wickets respectively.

Tournament details and all the score sheets

Monday, September 17, 2007

Maldives cricket is for Maldivians and every one who loves cricket

Dear all cricket lovers. I am here with you guys. A recent comment on this blog asked why we were including expats in the Ramazan cricket carnival tournaments. Maldives cricket is definitely geared towards Maldivians. It’s all for us. But if we don’t find enough Maldivians and if there are requests for expatriates who love the game to be included in the teams then what can I do. It’s a free go to make teams with only Maldivians and I am for it but at the last moment we see teams coming up to play the game with 6 players, 7 players. Even yesterday I saw it happening. So why not give the opportunity to expatriates who are enthusiastic cricketers who contribute to the development of the game in Maldives. There are very good local players, but their commitment and motivation is quite low. They simply do not make the effort to come and play. And even if they do, its after much hard work by whoever is managing the team. In other instances there are teams who want to participate but no management to bring them together. Those who put the effort are the ones that are performing. So it’s open for demand. You all come with locals and tell us that you don’t need expatriates playing, then will surely do that. But we the Board is doing this for players with lot of effort and commitment from businesses. If we see teams with not enough players it is a shame for every body. So that’s why we give the opportunity for expatriates to also play in this carnival. See what is happening to the umpires and coaches. Why do we have to field expatriate umpires every time. Where are the local umpires? Come do the job rather than grumbling there for every effort we make. Cheers. The game is for the Maldivians and if we don’t have enough locals then we got to get others involved. Cheers and happy Ramazan to the readers of Maldives Blog. Ramazan Cricket Carnival is all about having fun. Its Ramazan’s Favourite Game. So enjoy.

Ahmed Hassan Didi
Vice Chairman

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Need great managers and active clubs

Need great managers and active clubs

Cricket board is encouraging active club participation in our tournaments and cricket development. Huge financial remuneration was introduced this year compared to what we used to get. Our partners, the government and enthusiastic businesses are helping us to improve the financial status of the Board and provide more services to our clients, ie. clubs and players. But are the cubs responding? This was not the case of the last limited over tournament. At the start of the tournament CCBM listed the following criteria for clubs to receive financial assistance.

1. Must send practice schedule before 30th June 2007.
2. Daily attendance signed by coach, manager or captain……
3. 3 sessions per week – starting July 2007 – December 2007. (During the month of ramazan 02 practice session is enough to claim money)
4. Minimum no. of players per session (7) seven.
5. For every month a sum of MRF. 3000.00 will be paid if all papers are submitted before 10th of each month.
6. Money can be transferred to club account. (please open an account in the name of club)
Cricket Equipment
7. A valid purchase of cricket equipments upto MRF. 15,000.00 for each team is provided by the board till December 2007.
8. All supporting documents should be provided (ie. invoice, purchase order, receipts)
Can also send a purchase order from any sports shop (only cricket equipments) CCBM will make arrangements to issue the goods from the shop.
9. All teams must have their own cricket ball. (Tournament will be played using Cavalier 80 cricket ball)

How many teams followed this practice regime. Not many. Now they are asking CCBM to release funds allocated and they had a quick fix, which is to bring foreign players. Did our players practice, did they give the equipment to the players. Let team’s show the evidence.

Can I give this money to the clubs? Is this a healthy thing for Maldives cricket? Tell me. I hold on the original decision. The clubs can still get the allocated assistance if they fulfill the requirements. The National Tournament is ahead. Start practice and we will increase your allowance and give the players the necessary equipment and we will pay pack. Don’t ask for things you have to done. Its all for you, so submit the schedule, practice and prepare for the national tournament.


Ahmed Hassan Didi
Vice chairman

Cricket board will take action on poor behavior of players at the finals of the limited over cricket tournament

Cricket board will take action on poor behavior of players at the finals of the limited over cricket tournament.

Cricket is a difficult game to develop, especially in a country like the Maldives. And I can feel it, with all the hard work still lots of technical problems are there. But slowly it is getting better. Recent experience at the limited over cricket tournament has made me pause to think of the progress of the game. These things happen in a fluid environment. Is cricket moving forward and if it is, it is only because of enthusiastic cricket lovers. We are gaining more recognition and the financial status of the Board is improving. We have more to offer to players and clubs each year. But our players, particularly senior players need to be onboard for this to be successful. Board has its core values, and two of the 4 values, which is trust and caring (apart from focus and timeliness) is based on personal interaction which is building trust and caring for each other.

I am sad to say that this has being neglected in the last final match. It’s sad. Players appealed for a caught behind, umpire’s decision was not out. In the spirit of the game, the match has to continue. It did but the players protested. Abusive language was used and finally at the end of the game, one senior player came to the umpire and more protest and dissatisfaction occurred. What a temperament. Unfortunately the umpire reacted and it continued. This is the scene at the end of the final match and finally that particular team members did not attend the presentation.

Board considers such actions very seriously. It is with deep regret that the Board has decided to take the following disciplinary action against those involved in the incident.

1. Request all the involved parties to apologize to each other.
2. Fine the team for their action.
3. Suspend the player who verbally and physically abused the umpire from the Ramazan carnival and the first matches of the national tournament.
4. To fine the umpire for reacting to the situation.

These are the board’s decision on the incident. This is done not to punish the parties involved. But this negative reinforcement is to discourage such activities.
I understand we don’t have much professional people to take up the best jobs. I once again urge all cricketers at this moment to join up in the development of cricket - to hold the values and be a team to promote the game. Once the players stop coming and teams vanish there will no longer be cricket again in the Maldives. So senior players, enthusiastic cricketers please join us and make a difference.


Ahmed Hassan Didi
Vice Chairman

Thursday, August 23, 2007

First turf wicket opens for practice

The first ever turf wicket in the Maldives was opened today. The practice turf wicket is the culmination of years of hard work, trail and error and dedication by CCBM top officials and staff. Thanks are especially due to Mr. Channa Wickramasuria who had been instrumental in preparing the wicket. The wicket was constructed with the assistance of ACC. New Zealand Turf Institute provided the technical assistance and consultation.

The wicket was opened today in a ceremony held in the outdoor nets. FAM Chairman Mohamed Kaleem was Chief Guest. Veteran cricketer and Sports Ministry official Sathaavari Alifulu bowled the first ball on the wicket to Mohamed Kaleem.

After the ceremony, National Team players had their first practice session on a natural grass wicket in the country. The wicket will be a valuable infrastructure addition, and will play a key role in the preparation of teams for overseas tournaments.

CCBM thanks all those involved in making this project a success.