Monday, September 17, 2007

Maldives cricket is for Maldivians and every one who loves cricket

Dear all cricket lovers. I am here with you guys. A recent comment on this blog asked why we were including expats in the Ramazan cricket carnival tournaments. Maldives cricket is definitely geared towards Maldivians. It’s all for us. But if we don’t find enough Maldivians and if there are requests for expatriates who love the game to be included in the teams then what can I do. It’s a free go to make teams with only Maldivians and I am for it but at the last moment we see teams coming up to play the game with 6 players, 7 players. Even yesterday I saw it happening. So why not give the opportunity to expatriates who are enthusiastic cricketers who contribute to the development of the game in Maldives. There are very good local players, but their commitment and motivation is quite low. They simply do not make the effort to come and play. And even if they do, its after much hard work by whoever is managing the team. In other instances there are teams who want to participate but no management to bring them together. Those who put the effort are the ones that are performing. So it’s open for demand. You all come with locals and tell us that you don’t need expatriates playing, then will surely do that. But we the Board is doing this for players with lot of effort and commitment from businesses. If we see teams with not enough players it is a shame for every body. So that’s why we give the opportunity for expatriates to also play in this carnival. See what is happening to the umpires and coaches. Why do we have to field expatriate umpires every time. Where are the local umpires? Come do the job rather than grumbling there for every effort we make. Cheers. The game is for the Maldivians and if we don’t have enough locals then we got to get others involved. Cheers and happy Ramazan to the readers of Maldives Blog. Ramazan Cricket Carnival is all about having fun. Its Ramazan’s Favourite Game. So enjoy.

Ahmed Hassan Didi
Vice Chairman

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Anonymous said...

I agree with nearly everything on this blog. Keep up the really good work. Also post more about international cricket and the recently concluded matches. Apart from that this is one of my best sites.