Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cricket board will take action on poor behavior of players at the finals of the limited over cricket tournament

Cricket board will take action on poor behavior of players at the finals of the limited over cricket tournament.

Cricket is a difficult game to develop, especially in a country like the Maldives. And I can feel it, with all the hard work still lots of technical problems are there. But slowly it is getting better. Recent experience at the limited over cricket tournament has made me pause to think of the progress of the game. These things happen in a fluid environment. Is cricket moving forward and if it is, it is only because of enthusiastic cricket lovers. We are gaining more recognition and the financial status of the Board is improving. We have more to offer to players and clubs each year. But our players, particularly senior players need to be onboard for this to be successful. Board has its core values, and two of the 4 values, which is trust and caring (apart from focus and timeliness) is based on personal interaction which is building trust and caring for each other.

I am sad to say that this has being neglected in the last final match. It’s sad. Players appealed for a caught behind, umpire’s decision was not out. In the spirit of the game, the match has to continue. It did but the players protested. Abusive language was used and finally at the end of the game, one senior player came to the umpire and more protest and dissatisfaction occurred. What a temperament. Unfortunately the umpire reacted and it continued. This is the scene at the end of the final match and finally that particular team members did not attend the presentation.

Board considers such actions very seriously. It is with deep regret that the Board has decided to take the following disciplinary action against those involved in the incident.

1. Request all the involved parties to apologize to each other.
2. Fine the team for their action.
3. Suspend the player who verbally and physically abused the umpire from the Ramazan carnival and the first matches of the national tournament.
4. To fine the umpire for reacting to the situation.

These are the board’s decision on the incident. This is done not to punish the parties involved. But this negative reinforcement is to discourage such activities.
I understand we don’t have much professional people to take up the best jobs. I once again urge all cricketers at this moment to join up in the development of cricket - to hold the values and be a team to promote the game. Once the players stop coming and teams vanish there will no longer be cricket again in the Maldives. So senior players, enthusiastic cricketers please join us and make a difference.


Ahmed Hassan Didi
Vice Chairman


Anonymous said...

Mr redey, first of all discipline our self and the umpires, about thhe final match, this was the same umpire who has given wrong decision in every match he officiated, have ever thought of what will happen to the players, you are just ruining all the cricket lovers an players, y dont you ad imad go for fishing if you dont find better umpires, post this if you dare

Anonymous said...

better umpires will come from better players my dear cricketer. If you have enough experience about cricket you would certainly know that. And by the way its not like your team or you were given the first ever wrong decision so please think twice before attempting to send the wrong person for fishing. and hey mate... dont forget the bate or u aint getting no fish.

iboo (nexus)

Anonymous said...

Dear Radium Didi,
Apart from blaming things on the umpire and the player, why dont u take some responsibility. For the tournament the clubs spend thousands of dollars to bring foreign players. For gods sake this is the National tournament. There are very few qualified umpires here and those who are, were playing in the tournament. So Why did not CCBM bring a umpire from India or Srilanka?.Dont tell me no funds!.Where does the funds go to then?.
Regarding the brawl at the end of the match, it did start because of very bad decisions made by the Umpire(Although i dont see him as a qualified umpire). If he can be an unpire i guess so can you and even Hamid Karzai. And the p[layer is matured enough not to involve in such a thing. Anyway thats Human Behaviour. But regardless to who it was the diciplinary action taken is a joke. The player should be suspended for atleast 1year, as a lesson for others in the future.

Anonymous said...

Yesterdays final match between England and India was a good lesson for cricketers here. There were two very bad decisions taken by the Umpires, one against Indian captain Rahul Dravid and the second against the king of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. But they did not react to those decisions. Even after the match both of them shook the hands of the umpire and in the interview said they were dissapointed with the decisions but its life and cricket, and the umpires are humans after all and they also do make mistakes. Thats SPORTSMANSHIP. Aleem Dar is a superb umpire and he too can make mistakes and has done extremely well in making the decisions in the past few years. So no harm there. But the Umpire in the final match here has no qualification as a umpire, so for his standard he did his best. I again blame the CCBM for not bringing good umpires for atleast the final match, if FAM can bring refrees for football matches why cannot CCBM?

curuket said...

mfvdcDear Didi

Even if the umpire decision was wrong, we all expect something like that might come from him. Not because he will deliberately do it but because he is less experienced & some believe that he is not fit to be in a final.
Decipline on the field has to be maintained, what you saw or heard is just one person getting physically involved. Throughout the match there were verbal comments by many players, directly to the umpire & to players. This has to be controlled now or else they will take you all for a ride. So make rules & start implementing them before the same thing repeats again.
Now the question is where is Farhath & Kappi? If they cant contribute why involve them in other projects.Why sending them on CCB trips. When there is a BIG match where government “BIG SHOTS” come in to see or to play we see Farhath running around like he is fully involved in all cricket activities. But when it comes to local taurnamnts we just don’t see him.
So Farhath if you are doing it for the name, and intends to keep your long sleev shirt for the BIG Matches only, I suggest you to leave, cause if you are doing this we will expose you even more.
And Mr. Didi you also have to take resposibiltity in whats happening. Decipline them too.


Anonymous said...

Dear RMDidi
Please clarify this to me and thousands of others wanting an answer to the question.
This is the holy month of Ramazan and all muslims are fasting through out the day and when majority of people oppose the idea of a foreign player, who is not fasting, eating through out the day to be playing with us muslims who are fasting? Whats the reason for this, please justify your decision to us.
While we all are on a empty stomach this guy with full stomach comes to play with us, is it a bit too unfair. And my dear brother, this is a month for all muslims, so why cant the Ramzan carnival be only for MUSLIMS?