Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sony Ericsson Division 1

The Sony Ericsson Cup, Limited Over Division 1 tournament will start on July 8. Teams are requested to send in their team lists before 13:00 hrs on 1 July 2007. Teams should follow the ranking list agreed at the meeting held on 21 June 2007 to finalise their teams. Three foreign players can be registered by a team but only two plays can play at the same time.

As announced last year CCBM will be providing financial assistance for Division 1 teams beginning this year. The assistance will be for coaching and for the purchase of equipment. Teams need to meet the following minimum criteria to qualify for the assistance money.

To claim for monthly funds for coach teams need to fulfill the following requirements.

- Teams must send practice schedule before 30th June 2007.
- Daily attendance sheet signed by coach, manager or captain should be submitted to CCBM every month.
- Teams should hold a minimum of 3 practice sessions per week – starting July 2007 – December 2007. (During the month of Ramazan 02 practice sessions a week)
- A minimum of 7 players should be present for every session.
- A sum of MRF. 3,000.00 will be disbursed each month if all papers are submitted before 10th of each month.

To claim money for cricket equipment teams need to fulfill the following requirements

- A valid purchase of cricket equipments up to MRF. 15,000.00 for each team is provided by the board till December 2007.
- All supporting documents should be submitted to CCBM with the claim.
- Teams can also send purchase orders from any sports shop (only cricket equipments), and CCBM will make arrangements to issue the goods from the shop.

Good luck to all the teams!

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