Sunday, June 3, 2007

Acceptable Comments

One of our frequent commentators “Mohamed” has written complaining that we have restrained people from posting comments. We have not restrained any one from commenting on our posts. However, we reserve the right to close debate, i.e. not accept comments on issues after a certain time limit in order to properly assess and respond to comments. We know that there are things that we need to address in the administration and development of the game. We are also happy that our administration team has made some positive change in the past few years. The purpose of this blog is to open a direct communication link between us, the players and other stakeholder. We are happy the purpose is being fulfilled. However, as a general rule we will not publish comments which are disrespectful of individuals or are of a personal and inflammatory nature.

“Mohamed” has said, “No matter how hard you try to defend the board, the truth shall be revealed to all, if not from this Blog then from other. People should and will know the truth. YOU GUYS SUCK IN PLANNING AND ORGANIZING”.

One of the purpose of the blog is to find ways to improve our planning and organizing through your help.


Anonymous said...

Why does clubs never get any help from CCBM. The only reason that some people playing cricket is because there are a very less amount of people who wants to help the game and they spend a lot on clubs. While all the tournaments are sponsored at very high rates why cant CCBM provide some help to the clubs????

Anonymous said...

"We have not restrained any one from commenting on our posts. However, we reserve the right to close debate"

Another BIF FAT LIE by Redey to misguide the public. The posts in which i have mentioned about Imad and Izu has never been published.

Yes CCBM sucks in planning.

Redey whats your excuse for the Side screen not being there in the first match? Is that planning? If you all had the tournament planned in advance and if CCMB has what you claim as Effective Management these things would not have happened.

We know for a fact that in the next match the side screen was there cause Ahmed Kaleem was playing. This is a clear proof that CCBM is not interested in second division.

People like Adly Ismail, Mustag Ahmed Didi do not go to National team practise cause of the way they are treated by Moosa Kaleem Aka Captian. Even last time Shafraz Jaleel was a future star for Maldives Cricket, but look at what the senior players did to him after taking him on the tour. They treated him like Hell, Bullied him all the time.

National Team (i call it Moosa and Gang Team) is a team selected for the friends of him and Queen people. They have all the power, people like Alibe and Maadih is taken as officials cause they can have fun. Its more like a tour for them and their GANG.

And one more thing, CCMB is the only board (Yes its not a association) where the chairman and where people are selected without an election. Care to deny this?

If you claim you dont restrain from commenting, publish this.

There was a healthy conversation (more then 20 comments) was there and you have stopped us from commenting on the issue. When have you ever responded to a issue or comment here? Come on redey, issues can never be stopped from discussion. May it be 1 yr or 100yrs old.

Thanks and Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Of course you have the right to close any debate and i have the right to post and comment on anything happening. Yes you have the right not to publish any comment i or either any one send. And I am entitle to an opinion. If disagreeing with you is called “Complaining” I shall continue complaining.

Disrespectful?? I don’t know how to criticize anyone respectfully? If we can’t criticize anyone here for their action what’s the use of this blog? Come on be more mature.

Pls, be it Redey, Imad, Izu or anyone as the moderator of this blog, Learn to accept criticism and learn from your mistakes. Earlier we did not have a place for us to give suggestion and correct the mistakes CCBM is doing. And I am thankful to you that this place is here now.

maldivescricket said...

We are happy that a lot of our cricketers are responding to the blog. We are also getting some good constructive criticisms about CCBM. But as said earlier we can only respond to those which are reasonable in content and purpose. We know that there are a number of things that we need to address. And if you are around our office, you will know some of the restraints we have in getting things done the way we want it. The side screen issue was one such thing. Its not only the side screen in that match there was no tents either, right. We, rather, the Ekuveni office, who prepare the ground could not put those up due to the high winds and stormy conditions on the first day of the tournament.

Thank you for your comments, and do not stop commenting, we need people like you who are passionate about developing Maldives Cricket beyond anything.

Unknown said...

Dear Mohamed,
This is Moosa Kaleem here and I am absolutely thrilled to hear from such a passionate lover of the gentleman's game. Why don't you be a gentleman and identify yourself so that I could help you with your problems. Don't be shy, I never keep things in my heart and have given a 100% to the game.
Your observations are a bit off and I do not blame you for it.
With very best regards
Moosa Kaleem

Anonymous said...

dont CCBM have any more umpires for seceond division, its really sad and disgusting to see some of the senior players or "OFFICIALS" of CCBM not wearing the proper unifrom for umpiring, is this the standard of Maldives Cricket now, CCBM try to do something properly, where are all the umpires who goes for trainig abroad now and then, this is a Joke and 2nd Div is taking seriously by any body" YOU SHOUDL HAVE A PLANE FOR SUCH THINGS.

curuket said...

My comments are just for "Mohamed". His comment on certain senior players bullying junior players, I too strongly request the CCBM to educate the so called seniors. The behavior sometimes is intolerable for certain juniors, which would discourage them in playing cricket.
Well, you made 1 good comment, but where hell did u get the idea that 2nd division limited over matches if played in 2 days would spoil the game. Criticism ofcourse is always welcome, but criticizing for everything is a bit too much.
Did you know that even by just playing in the afternoons, certain teams were not able to get 11 players. Did you know that dhiraagu has earned a lot from the phone calls made just before the matches, trying to get 11 players to the ground? Did you know that Alibe & Maadhi is the only guys who had some interest in helping out with the national team? Ofcourse, I agree that Alibe is not fit to be the Manager but is taken just to entertain. For me Maadhi is a better (better than Alibe, no other choice available) manager & entertainer. He also knows a bit about first Aid. So it helps more. During the last national team practices, Maadhi attended more than Alibe. Alibe thinks sending a few drinks or giving tea to a few would hold his position. Redey I hope you consider Maadhi as the new Manager. We don’t need "just an entertainer". If you are going for size (has to be proportionate), then also Maadhi will lead.
Taking into consideration this being my first comment, I hope you post this.

Anonymous said...

No thanks Moosa, I need to live. And you wont know me that well, so i rather remain like this.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I would call Moosa Kaleem a person who discriminates or bullies anyone. He is a No Nonsense person; he accepts nothing but 100% from players. I was not there and I certainly did not hear anything about what Mohamed has mentioned regarding Shafraz Jaleel, but I did hear from senior players about what happened to Hassan Ibrahim (Loangeys Son) and from what I heard he deserves it. Moosa has not and did not scold him enough for his actions.

I am telling you from experience, as a player I have had the privilege and honour to play and train under Moosa and I respect him for what he does.

I have been on the scolding side from him on many occasions and he is right to do that and he was doing that to develop me as a player and a human being and I am thankful to him for that.

This blog is created to develop cricket so let’s all contribute and criticize anyone the right way and learn from mistakes

My sincere thanks and congratulation to Radium Didi, Faruhath, Coach and Imad for their hard work and for creating this blog and developing the official site. It has helped me keep in touch with Maldives cricket.

Yes there are many things ccbm needs to correct from the organizing and development side, and I believe they are doing their best even with the shortage of staff.

And Good luck to all the teams participating and YDP players specially.

From: Malaysia

Anonymous said...

hey mohamed izu aa innanveenun dhooo...whats izu doin moderating the blog his just a coach thankolheh engigen vaahaka dhakkaba...

Anonymous said...

Hi all, it’s great to see some interesting comments from different people. I would like to highlight what KUDAKOKKO has mentioned about the clubs not being helped financially. Well I think that’s a good point and the same old question is raised... where does the funds go? I understand that there will be expenses for ground staffs, umpires and scorers but I really don’t think all the money is finished there.

I have a suggestion to CCBM; why don’t you guys give some sort of a small fund like 1000 rufiyaa or 1500 rufiyaa for clubs at the beginning of the tournament so that the teams can do something about the water/drinks, snacks or even some of the cricket gears they might need. It seriously is a good idea and if its not, please... someone from board tell me why its not.

Now I would like to comment on what Mohamed has said, I really appreciate the points that he takes and there is a lot of truth in those comments but I think Mohamed should respect Moosa Kaleem for what he has done to Maldives cricket... I don’t know too much about what has gone around in Maldives cricket in the past but from the time I have been around I have seen he has great talent and has done good to Maldives cricket although there has been a few times he has done some stupid things or behaved unacceptably as a role model or a leader. Anyone in his position will get the same respect and advantages so all you guys try to reach that height!

About the side screen, I am very sorry to hear someone from board is trying to defend it. It maybe Equveni's problem but as a Cricketing management side one should not wait for Equveni to do it... As always you can ask some players to do it and they would readily do it... or at least assist the board management to do it. So don’t give excuses, we are not in 2nd grade to buy that. And hey CCBM, it wasn’t a very windy day, I was there.


Anonymous said...

visit a forum for maldivian cricket lovers...nothing will be removed ppl like mohamed keke can visit us n give ur thoughts in our forum...

Anonymous said...

from the way ur talking ur not someone whose trying to help cricket mr.mohamed ur just trying to put some personel things..pls dont try to stop the development of cricket in maldives...u mite not like ccbm, reday, izu, imad or even moosa....but cricket in maldives has being developing because of them mohamed...all the cricketers are like brothers bcos of the so called gang of moosa, madhi or alibe that uve mentioned...mohamed im someone who spends most of my time helping the development of cricket bcos of the love for the game and my nation..but ive never seen u trying to help cricket physically but u really have a big mouth mohamed...if u really wanna HELP give thoughts be urself n help to develop cricket dont just sHit in the chair shouting at moosa said be a gentleman dont be shy keke :P

Unknown said...

Dear Mohamed,
I am not surprised that you want to continue to be anonymous and criticize everyone. You are right in saying that I do not know you. I don't think that you even know you. I have a lot of friends and to add you will not be a problem.

I can see a lot of problems in the running of CCBM but that does not mean what they are doing is also a problem. They are doing the best they can with very limited resources and I salute them for what they are doing. I believe I have the right to demand the most from CCBM from the position I hold but I am a reasonable person and I know the restrictions we have. I know that we Maldivians are very good at identifying a problem but lag behind in solving the smallest of problems. You my friend have become the newest member of the club. Might be worth running for the presidency of the club as you are brilliant at what you do.

For your information I am still a player of the national team and have in no way entered in to the management of the team. I will only look at what is best for the players and I stand by them at all times. You have not experienced the high tensions of an international match and would not understand the values of a friendly, fun and healthy relationship between the players and the management and what good it brings during those times to ease the tension. Yes Alibe and Maadih do not wear military uniforms and guard our tent but join in and try to release the tension. I believe they are the best as nobody else has even tried to be a part of the management. For your information the captain has a major say when it comes to issues which concern the players and I as the current captain will exercise my rights to the fullest. We are all amateurs and to expect anything more would be stupidity. We are trying hard to reach the next stage but it is really hard work you know.

Yes we have a lot of fun on tour and I plan to make it even more organized so that everybody can join in. Training and playing cricket is hard work so it is worth to relax and enjoy when we get the opportunity. If you are thinking cricket 24 hours then we have failed. We do not sleep with our pads on and you will agree that it is difficult to pee with the guard on.

Everyone wants accolades and trophies but few are willing to make the sacrifices to actually earn them. Just because I have achieved a certain level does not mean that the others cannot do better. It is just that the hard work involved is too much to bear.
Statistics do not lie and if you are so eager about the game then you can look back and go through my scores and figures. I am sure you will not question my performance or my commitment and I hope I have not let my team mates down.

I have been blessed with good fortune and the support of a loving family to achieve what I have achieved and am looking forward to hanging up my boots. The feeling of camaraderie and togetherness of my team mates have enabled me to fight through the pain which has been there from an early age.
You Mr.Mohamed would have would have given up the game long time back if you have gone through the pain and injuries which I have carried with me over the years. I am looking forward to a day in the near future when new talent would emerge to replace the old and raise the game to new heights.

Mr. Mohamed, you are surrounded by fear in your life. Get over it and join in the fun. Who knows what you can achieve. Don't be afraid we will not harm you in the streets. We are not the type you have in mind. But do not step into the cricket field and expect any sympathy. It is a fair game then. You will either have the bat or the ball. You can never have both. Well I don't think you have the balls for it.

I wish you all the best.

With very best regards,

Moosa Kaleem

curuket said...

If you think you are doing a good job of looking after a the web site & the blog, we do not think so. I was told that a guy name "bodey" is doing the work. I hope you do a better job, instead of putting up some pictures we need some updates of news, & scores of the ongoing tournaments & events. If we are to see the news & updates after one week then we do not need this. Male' is a small place, even if you do not update this we will get the news in a couple of days.
Mr. Bodey, if you are paid to do the job you should apply for the "worst employee of the year" award. And if you are doing it for free, Redey please find someone better than him or close down. Don’t do this just for the sake of having something.
The final question is "Do you have guts to put this in?"


curuket said...

One more thing to add, I cam to Ekueni yesterday evening to drop someone there, what I saw was very shocking. A second division match just finished & one particular team guys were calling there team chairman as there evening tea was not there. I found out that the so called chairman was "Mr. Maadhy".
I am very disappointed to see such unprofessional thing from a guy like Maadhy, specially when I backed him for the post of Manager of the National team..
Maadhy please cleanup your act or else I also might have to join the team of Alibe.
If you can’t handle a 2nd division team don’t even think of the National side. Mistake once is fine but hope you don’t repeat it.


Anonymous said...

jliNow this is what I call constructive criticism and developing the game of cricket hand in hand. The attitude of Mohamed and the calm, professionals reply we get from Moosa.

This Blog will help in developing Maldives cricket in many ways, and I believe is the best decision Imad and staff has come up with.

Anyone can join Moosa and Gang, but to join that person has to give 110% in practice to Moosa, as he won’t accept anything less then that. If you do he will treat you like a brother and if you don’t only god can save you from his scolding. He won’t be shy to use the “F” or “G” word.

I have had my differences with him and other players, but that does not last long. We don’t keep our grudges in our heart. I believe Mohamed has got a lot of Personal Grudges against some people working in cricket. My advice is don’t let it go too far.

About Alibe and Madih, is there anyone else who is willing to take over their responsibilities?. If so why don’t that person initiate and personally request to CCBM for it, I am sure the board will be most willing to accept your help.

Sorry Izu and others who had tried to give excuses regarding the Side Screen. That was unacceptable. If Moosa or any other senior players was playing in that match would it have happened?. I guess not. A match can be played without Tents but without Side screen, NO.

From: Colombo

Anonymous said...

Regards to mohamed,

Thought i had to say something about what you've mentioned about moosa and the QUEEN gang here.

Well..the queen gang didnt get their spots in national team/s for nothing. i believe anyone that represented QUEEN on a sporting field had the right attitude and fighitng spirit that they deserved the spot in the team more than anyone. guys like you might have had the talent...but nothing else.It needs a lot more to be part of a winning side mohamed. And it only can be achieved by having people who knows how to win.

The way that u've critised moosa, maadhih and alibe who are putting in a lot of effort to bring up a good national side each year shows that you know nothing about cricket in maldives. Moosa has been the best cricketer that has ever played for the maldivian national side and it is a pitty that you could'nt say "thank you" for what he has done before you typed your views.

From what you've said about the selection of the national team, i assume that you've been trying to get into the side for a long time. My advice for you is to keep on trying instead of giving up...and who knows, moosa might give you a chance someday if you can prove that you've got the mentality to represent maldives. but for that to happen you've got to admit that you've got serious flaws in your attitude.


Anonymous said...

if you seriously think that you are helping/developing young players, think twice!

what happened to the GOOD young players who toured with the team.

Talk about Habeeb. He was a damn good baller and a fielder. Went on a couple of tours with the National team. But bullying and abusing the kid bored him from playing for the National Team.

Iujaz (Iju). A good batsman. If I am not mistaken, he is the first to score a century for a Maldivian team in an ACC tournament. Bullying and not appreciating bored him off of the field.

Talk abt Shafraz Jaleel (Shafu). One of the best I've seen of that age, but now bored of the local cricket.
The same reason. Him too loved the reception he got from the National team being the TOY of the tour.

Yea. Moosa(be) can always blame it on them, saying that its because of their horrendous attitute. But I believe that its he, himself whos got the attitufe problem.

If CCBM wants to improve their game with a lot of young players, first discipline your senior national team players. Discipline Moosa(be) and his "fenn faivaan" squad (Nittay and Kuda Afu) who are the two devils behind every scandal.


Anonymous said...

i've got a weird feeling that this MOHAMED could well be an (IBRAHIM or an ALI)

Anonymous said...

i've got a weird feeling that this MOHAMED could well be an (AHMED or an HASSAN)

Anonymous said...

hello mohamed and bored of cricket. shafraz here, since ur'l have been talking about me a lot id like to correct the mistakes that ur'l have made .. firstly i wasn't treated like hell, maybe i was teased .. in a team the new players are always teased .. be it the Australian team or the brunei team .. its a part of a team .. honestly i think i was very well treated .. and i thank the team for that ..the thing here is that u both have never played for a team .. secondly i am NOT bored of local cricket .. i certainly am not .. its just that my priorities have changed .. true afu and nitey are behind every stunt that goes on .. but without them the team would not be complete .. in a team u find all sorts of characters .. url probably dont understand what im saying because its clear to see that u both dont know what the true meaning of a team is .. but my advice to u both ... try playing for the team .. try to make the team .. prove urselves b4 making such remarks .I enjoyed my time with the Maldivian cricket team and it was an unbelievable experience and i thank the management , moosabe and the rest of the team for it ! and i hope to play for Maldives again !



Anonymous said...

Hi Mohamed,

Just want tell you that some of the things you have written in the blog is partly acceptable....but why are you hiding if you are brave enough.... i'm sure you aren't a scarecrow!! My advice is come out with whatever truth you know and try and help CCBM to do a better job than at present to develop cricket instead of palying "HIDE AND SEEK".

Listen up for one more thing no matter how hard you try to change the past you know you cant so lets make a better present & future.

Also make a note that this blog is not to express your personal grudges or feelings towards players..stop it grow up!!

Honestly speaking, sometimes i get the feeling "EMPTY VESSELS MAKE MORE NOISE"

Best regards

curuket said...

I think this is a place you keep yourself anonymous. That keeps the excitement on & let make people guessing “who is who”. If you know the person commenting & see the person almost everyday that will not be as lively as now.
Now, when your “gang” gets together you too talk about what we have been writing here. But if you know who is who, instead of the chit chat you have among yourself, you will or might make comments or ask questions directly to the person who wrote. In that case a lot of the visitors to the blog will miss a lot of interesting comments. What I believe is that will take away the excitement & the reason to visit this blog. I hope most agree with me.

One more thing. Bodey has not inserted the comments I made to his reply to me. If he doesn’t know or believe in “Democracy”, who will?


maldivescricket said...

Very true crucket. Anonymity is one exciting aspect of our cyber presence. But lets not use it to attack each other and belittle one another. As I said I will not publish such comments no matter who it is targetted to. One reason I have not mandated registration to comment, is to allow all you cricket lovers to express your views freely. Cheers

Anonymous said...

hey guyz
bodey wat do u think of updatin the site?2 matches have been completed since u las updated the site.u do a quite a gud job but its jus that u take too long delays in doin it.m sure u wil update it after the male sports match wont u?

maldivescricket said...

True, its been a while since the scoresheets were put up. Like you But I am also waiting for the scoresheet. Earlier, some readers complained that I put only summaries. Hope to put it up soon.