Tuesday, June 5, 2007

CCBM salutes all who help us to develop cricket

yes all, i have being following your comments. great. some are strong and personal but thats what life is. i personally joined the board because of the love of the game. unfortunately i am not a good fielder, bowler or batsman but am a good scorer i mean in the books. thats why I joined the board. since then have been working with who ever is available to develop the game. i appreciate the work of all who made us come here. presently i have great respect for the players. moosa i still go cold when i think of the effort u put at the last ACC game to win the bahrain or oman game if am not wrong. u have real charisma and love for the game and i am always taking example of moosa in every occasion. you played an excellent game. those who feel that we cant organise do help us. i am preparing a statement on how we spend the sponsor money. As one has suggested we are always giving assistance to the clubs. from the sponsor money we allocate cash assistance. big prize money come from it. also number of tours has being organized for the youngsters and the national sides from that saving. so please dont be so bold and blunt. talk to the club people and appreciate the amount being given to them. i need strong teams and we will support. this time division one clubs are allocated each 30000 but they got to come and play cricket. so its for coaches assistance and equipment. so come strong teams we need managers. come and definitely if u spend that money for cricket taking the youngsters and practice. i will give the money to them i mean such teams. last year we made a roster for teams to practice certain days and for each session if they can come up with 8 players we were ready to give 1000. but no club could reach this and get the money. so guys i will give money for clubs if they practice and perform. i like the work of people who come and help. they are all (i dont mention names for the benifit of every one involved) great cricket lovers who do it for their love of the game. need more and more volunteers. we will give money to players, clubs, administrators the more we can raise. thanks for the businesses who are helping us. they are doing a great job. we have good cricket lovers do all come. i am one of the team members sharing knowledge on my areas of expertise. help me and us and any one who wants to take over, i am welcome and i be part of the team to help. cheers all. ahmed hassan didi CCBM

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Anonymous said...

bodey whrs ma post abt the moosa letting down the maldivian side in the last ACC?????i trusted in you when i posted it....u've got to let us criticize otherwise it's neva gona get any better...cos people like moosa believe that they cannot do a single thing wrong...at the same time people like redey believe whteva moosa does is right....cumon am just posting for the good of the cricket.am not being personel or nethin.....i hope u publish my first comment about wht really happened in bahrain match!!!