Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sony Ericsson Cup :: 25th Limited Over Cricket Tournament 2007

The Sony Ericsson Cup Division 2 tournament will begin on 27 May, with Male' Sports taking on Vyansa. Five teams are taking in this 25th edition of the tournament. Unlike previous years, CCBM has decided to exclude national team players from this tournament. The decision was made to with the view of targetting this tournament towards YDP players. As a result several YDP players will get an opportunity to play competitive cricket, which is severly lacking in thier practice regime.

Match Schedule

M1 :: 27/28 May :: Male’ Sports Club vs Vyansa
M2 :: 29/30 May :: Offu vs MSHHSA
M3 :: 1 June :: Male’ Sports Club vs New Star Sports Club
M4 :: 2 June :: Offu vs New Star Sports Club
M5 :: 3/4 June :: Vyansa vs MSHHSA
M6 :: 5/6 June :: Male’ Sports Club vs Offu
M7 :: 9 June :: MSHHSA vs New Star Sports Club
M8 :: 10/11 June :: Vyansa vs Offu
M9 :: 12/13 June :: MSC vs MSHHSA
M10 :: 15 June :: New Star vs Vyansa
M11 :: 16 or 17 June :: FINAL MATCH

All weekday matches will start at 2.00 pm and a match will be concluded over 2 days. CCBM requests that all rank players be finalized before 1300hrs on 26th May 2007.

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