Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Batsman walking - is he out

Here’s one for all you cricketers, especially umpires and wannabe umpires.

Match: Male’ Sports vs Vyansa
Scene: Nazal batting. Hits one to a close fielder. The ball is a bump ball, but one which is very hard to judge. The fielder catches. Nazal walks before umpire signals. There is some confusion. Umpire says he’s not out. He runs back. But there is a run out. Umpire says out.
Verdict: Was he out.
What’s your verdict


Anonymous said...

Simple: He is out if he is out of he crease. Thats a run out, Nazal should not have walked until the Umpire had signaled he is out. Reminds me of the situation when Muralidaran walked out of the crease to congratulate Sangrakarar when he scored his hundred in a test match against New Zealand. And when the keeper stumped he was given out. So my Verdict is he is OUT.

Anonymous said...

Cricket Law 27 (7)

An umpire shall intervene if satisfied that a batsman, not having been given out, has left his wicket under a misapprehension that he is out. He umpire intervening shall call and signal Dead ball to prevent any further action by the fielding side and shall recall the batsman.

In which case he is not out.

Anonymous said...

well, Id say thats not what really happened there... Nazal was not run out. He was out because he walked off.

What really happned was when he fielder caught the ball everyone out of excietment, not knowing the ball bumped ran to the bowler and the batsmen himself thought he was out and he walked off. He didnt wait for any signal from the umpire thus he was out. And as he was walking off some players asked umpire with doubt if Nazal was out and he said it was not a catch but he walked off and so he's out. thats jus it. There was no run out... i was in the scene.

cool-cricketer said...

why shouldn he wait for the umpire to sa his words???

Anonymous said...

cricket player
i saw what happen on that day it was a good catch,even thou he didnt agree at time.