Saturday, May 10, 2008

Didi talks about elections and change for Maldives Cricket

1. Cricket Control Board of Maldives is the first out of all other Maldives sports associations to announce elections for its Executive Committee this year. Do you think you will be able to keep to the deadline?

We will definitely be able to meet the deadline, Inshaa Allah. Now that the registration of the members finishes at the end of this month, we will finalize clubs with voting rights and then hold the AGM to pass the constitution. Once that is done will give the opportunity for people to stand for the elections. So will be able to hold the election on 28 June.

2. What is your personal belief about the elections? Will it improve sports administration in the country?

This is a trail. Everyone has being asking for this. So we need dedicated people who can come and work. Yes for sure sports administration will improve if committed and responsible people take up the positions of the board and the committees. Once they start working and thinking about the improvement of the sport, we will definitely see a difference in its administration.

3. There are some radical proposals in the new draft constitution of CCBM. What is the main rationale behind the new constitution?

Allow more people and minds to come and work for the good of this great game. Hence the Executive Committee will be composed of elected officials who would have big dreams for the future of the cricket in the Maldives. Also the representation is wide with associate members representing the schools, full members representing the clubs and individual and distinguished honorary members who can contribute to the wide development of the game.

4. The new constitution proposes to change the CCBM name. What’s the thinking behind this?

Yes, it is difficult to change the constitution every time. We have changed the name to Cricket Board of Maldives to keep pace with the modern management practices. The word control is more about administration and maintaining the status quo. Modern cricket is being revolutionised in the world, so we decided that it is the opportune time to change the name to reflect a more vibrant development of the game. We will be using Maldives Cricket formally in promoting our activities.

5. One other interesting articles in the constitution relates to private members. Why do you want to give membership to private individuals?

Although cricket is a team game we need individuals to come forward and contribute to the game. Hence it is an opportunity for dedicated individuals to come and serve the game. We are formally recognizing them in our constitution. Even though they do not have the voting rights, one private member will be voted into the Executive Committee. So they will have a representation in the Executive Committee.

6. The constitution also makes provision for school clubs to become CCBM members. What will there role be in the Board?

Schools are our major feeders to the national teams and club cricket. Their role is important. Hence we give schools the associate membership for this reason. We believe that they need to be represented in the Executive Committee because they are the major contributor of youth to the game

7. What is CCBM doing to attract members to the Board?

We are sending invitations individually to the clubs and schools. Also an open forum will be organized to give more information about the draft constitution and what we are doing. For private people we are sending personal invitations to become individual or honorary members. Hence we have a quite number of ex cricketers as members. We will be sending them personalized invitations too. We will be meeting all the principals of the schools and also potential clubs to become members.

8. What is the future of cricket in Maldives after these big changes?

Definitely more exposure and better planning. More dedicated heads will help improve the game. So I think this will strengthen the funding and marketing opportunities as well. Definitely we will get more recognition from the ACC and the ICC as we are now improving our governance function by opening our board to elected officials who would be more dedicated to improve the game with better planning and putting things to action. Over the past two decades we have seen some significant developments in the development of our game. These changes will, I hope, consolidate these gains and bring more dynamism to the administration of the game.

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