Wednesday, July 25, 2007

RIFA Cup 2007

The 2007 edition of RIFA Cup will begin on 26 July 2007. The tape ball cricket tournament is played each year in memory of young cricketer Rifa Abbas. 18 teams are taking part in this year's tournament. The tournament features a number of expatraite teams. The tournament will be played over 3 days. The 18 teams have been assigned to 6 groups for round robin matches after which a super league will be played between the winners of each group.

Playing conditions

- First round all matches will be 5 overs (max 1 over per bowler).
- Second round will be 8 overs (2 overs max per bowler).
- Each wide / no ball 4 runs - through out the tournament.
- If last ball of the over is a wide, extra ball should be bowled.
- Each win 3 points, draw or abondon each 1 point.
- If two teams equal in first round, net run rate will be applied to decide winner.
- Match might have to continue in the rain, any stoppage will be at the umpire's descretion.

Any quaries pse call Mr. Saudan 7873843

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Kobaa Bodey haada comment gina ey dho mihaaru libey leh..Adhi ves ma bodey vaathi, maa echihi engey meehakah vegen..Kaleymenge duvas hama vanee..varah avahah kaleymen ge kiba in cricket salaamaiy vaane..mee hama ehkala MOhamed